Live Improv show June 3rd

One night only!

June 3rd, 8:00 PM, at Hotel Andaluz in Albuquerque, NM

The hilarious post-apocalyptic adventure you know and love is taking an altogether more dangerous turn in "Improvising the Apocalypse," the show where literally anything could happen! Join the voice actors from Radiation World and the improv troupe A Ewe Problem for an evening of entertainment that is guaranteed never to happen again, even if we tried. Featuring entirely improvised storylines alongside selections from the show starring your favorite characters, "Improvising the Apocalypse" is a beautiful blend of chaos, order, and good old-fashioned hilarity.

Your free ticket includes:

- Several bouts of giggles

- Access to Andaluz's full bar

- A chair to sit in

- The opportunity to be in the podcast

- Various shenanigans

- Possibly a prize or something, who knows, ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN!

Click here to RSVP on our Facebook page and let us know you're coming!