Trojan and Gingerstem find themselves in detention being forced to watch their kooky teacher's favorite show. Oh yeah, and speaking of Mr. Isaiah, why does he keep buzzing?


Jamie Jung - Trojan

Ram Dass Khalsa - Isaiah

Zoey Reese - Gingerstem


Helena Cheshire - Writer

Hari Rai Khalsa - Director

Sahib Simran Khalsa - Sound Design

Dharm Khalsa and Ram Dass Khalsa - Engineers

+ Bombshell Details

How do you concentrate on preparing for final high school celebrations when you think your family might be starving or worse, dead? In an Earth colony on an outer Jupiter moon, teenagers Lou, Mishi and Kzery are giddy and excited for the festivities ahead. But immigrant Kzery hasn't heard from her family in weeks, and meanwhile the situation on Octurna continues to escalate.


Olivia Jakeman - Lou, Khalim Giwass

Alice Etches - Mishi, Sondrial Octurnia Aid Foundation announcer

Elizabeth Campbell - Kzery, Sondrial Dellelalish

Andy Goddard - Destiny Charles

featuring Donald Trump as President Electrozi


Melanie Anne Ball - writer

Sahib Simran Khalsa - Sound Design and Editor

Hari Rai Khalsa - Director

Andy Goddard - Engineer

+ Oh Captain, My Captain Details

The citizens of Halfmoon are running out of room on their small moon, but there's one problem with colonizing that planet over there. It's really, really big. Can Captain KP and his ragtag group of volunteers sort out this terrifying mess?


Jerry Ferraccio - KP

Atma Khalsa - Chock and The Inspirational Tape

Merritt C. Glover - Lackey and Stubby

Hari Rai Khalsa - The Computer


Emma Moran - Writer

Hari Rai Khalsa - Director

Sahib Simran Khalsa - Sound Design

Dharm Khalsa - Engineer