Is it Free?

Always! That said, we are 100% funded by our listeners, so by choosing to throw a dollar or two our way for each episode you are directly ensuring that great audio theater can keep happening. Our primary source of funding is a neat little site called Patreon. If you haven’t heard of it, here’s how it works:

You decide what one episode of Radiation World is worth to you, and you pledge to give us that much every time we put out a new one. Like regular shopping, except you set the price. In return for your love and money, we pledge to keep making the best audio theater we can make. You can also set a monthly maximum so that if, say, through the combined services of a time machine and a wormhole we were to suddenly release a hundred episodes all at once, you’ll still never get charged more than you’re comfortable with. Think about it. You get both an amazing audio series AND the warm fuzzy feeling that comes of supporting great art. Win-win!

What (I hear you asking) about one-time donations? Can I make one of those?

Sure you can! We prefer Patreon for our everyday ongoing needs, but if you're feeling extra magnanimous this morning there's no need to stop there. We will also happily collect any single donations you may wish to make. 



What do you need the money for anyway?

Glad you asked. The bulk of our budget goes toward paying our actors. Actors work really hard to develop their craft, and while they undoubtedly enjoy what they do, we don’t consider “having fun” to be viable currency in the professional world. Therefore Radiation World is 100% committed to paying every artist who works on the show, every time. Frankly we are disappointed by the fact that this is unusual. 

Also, we really don’t want to plaster this website with ads. We think it looks pretty nice the way it is. And we’d rather be supported directly by our adoring fans than by some nameless corporation that has no idea what we’re making or why it’s cool. You probably buy a $2 cup of coffee most mornings, and that’s not even fun, that’s just to make you hate the rest of the day a little less. So as purveyors of unadulterated joy, we believe you can probably find it in your heart and wallet to spare $5 a month for a unique and unforgettable entertainment experience. Think of it like regular shopping, but where you pick the price. Isn’t this fun? Don’t you wish it were always like this?


Thank you!


Radiation World is brought to you by:

Siri Ramos, Hari Dass & Ad Purkh Khalsa, Satshabad Khalsa, Guru Amrit Marshall, Fateh Khalsa, William, and listeners like you.

Plus, a very special thank you to our Indiegogo supporters who made launching the series possible!

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